VIA Hyperion Pro Driver Package 5.18a

Title: VIA Hyperion Pro Driver Package 5.18a
OS: Windows All
Publisher: Others

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  • Date 04 Oct, 2014

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This `VIA RAID Software Package` is used to install the drivers and utility which are needed for using the VIA VT6410, VT6421, VT8251, VT8237/A SATA RAID controller. VT6410 IDE/RAID Adapter It is a RAID controller that supports RAID 0, 1, 0 1 and JBOD. It also supports up to four IDE hard disk drives. VT6421 SATA RAID Adapter It supports two SATA HDDs Two IDE HDDs. It supports RAID 0, 1, 0 1 and JBOD functions. VT8237(x) South Bridge SATA IDE/RAID Controller It is a south bridge which includes VT6420 SATA controller so this software package also supports VT8237 SATA controller. It supports RAID 0, 1, and JBOD functions. VT8251 South Bridge SATA IDE/AHCI/RAID Controller It supports four SATA connections to be configured as one of IDE, AHCI or RAID mode controller. It supports RAID 0, 1, 0 1, 5 and JBOD functions. The RAID 5 is a software RAID technology applied CPU resource to archive RAID 5.VIA Hyperion Pro drivers are suitable for ANY VIA chipset - but they are particularly recommended for KT4## series, P4X4## series and newer, for example:K7 chipsets: KT400, KT400A, KT600, KT880, KM400, KN400K8 chipsets: K8T800, K8T800Pro, K8M800, K8M890, K8N800, K8N890, K8T890, K8T890Pro, K8T900P4 chipsets: P4X400, P4X400A, PT800, PT880, PM800, PN800, PM880, PN880, PT880Pro, PT894, P4M800/Pro/CE, P4M900, PT890 C Series Chipsets: CN700, CN400, CLE266, CX700,CX700M, CX700M2, CN800, CN896V Series Chipsets: VN800, VN896, VX700, VX800Installation and Remove There are two operation modes, Windows UI and command line, to execute installation and remove. The most popular is the Windows UI mode that provides convenient user interface and systematic operation. The command line mode, also called as silent mode, need user append more parameters behind SETUP.EXE as answer to make the setup program silence without pop any dialogs.There are possible two types setup package you may have. One is compressed as a zip file includes visible setup and driver files. Another one is made as a self-extracted-execution file. In the following, we will show you the steps to complete driver installation and remove with both package types. Windows UI modeIf the downloaded file is ZIP-compressed format, please extract it to proper location in your hard disk first. Then launch the SETUP.EXE by double-clicking. Otherwise, you could double-click the self-extracted-execution file and wait for few seconds for the self-extraction. The extracted file will be deleted automatically after setup has been terminated. First time executionIf it is the first time to execute the setup package, you will only have the choice of installation.MaintenanceAfter the first time execution, you could have choice to make Update and Remove. You will see two options, Update and Remove in the first shown dialog. If you are going to update the driver, please active the Update radio button and press next button to enter next steps. Else, if you are going to remove the installed driver in your system, please active the Remove radio button and press next button to enter next steps.Control PanelAdd Remove ProgramsThere is another path to remove the installed driver is to go through “Add Remove Programs” service of control panel. An uninstall item is added after install , VIA Platform Device Manager, to handle all the installed VIA driver components. You could select the VIA IDE Bus Master item in the list box of Remove option. Silent modeThe silent mode are usually applied to system maintainer for servicing hundreds systems that wont have interactive user interface. They would execute the setup through command line in console or batch file execution without closing any popped dialog popped or pressing next buttons. In addition, the command line parameters of these two types of downloaded file format get few differences.It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games.Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed a wrong driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

Tag-uri: VIA Hyperion Pro Driver Package 18a This RAID Software used install the drivers and utility which are needed for using VT6410 VT6421 VT8251 VT8237 SATA controller IDE Adapter that supports JBOD also four hard disk drives two HDDs Two functions South Bridge Controller south bridge includes VT6420 this software package AHCI connections configured one mode The technology applied CPU resource archive suitable ANY chipset but they particularly recommended KT4 series P4X4 newer example chipsets KT400 KT400A KT600 KT880 KM400 KN400K8 K8T800 K8T800Pro K8M800 K8M890 K8N800 K8N890 K8T890 K8T890Pro K8T900P4 P4X400 P4X400A PT800 PT880 PM800 PN800 PM880 PN880 PT880Pro PT894 P4M800 P4M900 PT890 Series Chipsets CN700 CN400 CLE266 CX700 CX700M CX700M2 CN800 CN896V VN800 VN896 VX700 VX800Installation Remove There operation modes Windows command line execute installation remove most popular provides convenient user interface systematic called silent need append more parameters behind SETUP EXE answer make setup program silence without pop any dialogs possible types you may have One compressed zip file visible driver files Another made self-extracted-execution following will show steps complete with both modeIf downloaded ZIP-compressed format please extract proper location your first Then launch double-clicking Otherwise could double-click wait few seconds self-extraction extracted deleted automatically after has been terminated First time executionIf only choice MaintenanceAfter execution Update You see options shown dialog going update active radio button press next enter Else installed system Control PanelAdd ProgramsThere another path through Add Programs service control panel uninstall item added Platform Device Manager handle all components select Bus Master list box option Silent modeThe usually maintainer servicing hundreds systems wont interactive They would console batch closing popped pressing buttons addition these get differences highly always use recent version available not forget check our site often order stay updated latest games Try set restore point before installing device help wrong Problems can arise when hardware too old supported longer

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