Dell Studio 1558 Notebook Mobile Broadband Manager Application A03

Title: Dell Studio 1558 Notebook Mobile Broadband Manager Application A03
OS: Windows XP
Publisher: Others

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  • Date 12 Mar, 2015

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This A03 (QS4.7) release addresses many of the issues that have been seen in the A02 (QS4.3) release:

MBMTR00002609 Possible to send SMS to unselected phonebook contact.
MBMTR00002491 Win7, GPS Utility is missing information in position tab
MBMTR00003644 Default SMS connection setting in WM should be CS preferred
MBMTR00002793 Win7: Cut/ Copy/ Paste does not always work in To and Message field of new SMS
MBMTR00002816 FUNC; Win7, Apply grayed out when changing SMS Service Center Number
MBMTR00003094 Change PIN code window accepts non-numeric characters and user can press OK button
MBMTR00003396 Switching multiple profile SIM will create new manual profile in WM for every switch
MBMTR00003392 Wrong profile displayed in WM when exchanging SIM
MBMTR00002827 Func: WIN7 Dell: Not possible to start WM Customizer
MBMTR00003315 Func: Phonebook memory status is missing
MBMTR00003708 Func: Win7, DNS address is missing when connected
MBMTR00003127 Func MESS. Do not have to press apply in message settings for the settings to be applied F3607gw/F3307 QS4.4 Delivery (OEM)
MBMTR00003136 Func: MESS The message do change folder when enable the radio
MBMTR00002506 WM, Input textboxes for IP & DNS have the wrong formatting
MBMTR00002608 WM, If SIM PIN Lock is ON, the SIM PIN input field doesn`t get the focus when resume from S3 / S4
MBMTR00002737 Win7: Request reply does not work
MBMTR00003666 Win7: Statistics in WM is not working
MBMTR00003688 Unsaved contacts found! Dialog should have a checkbox to not display again F3607gw & F3307 QS4.5 Delivery
MBMTR00003698 WM crash when manually creating new profile
MBMTR00003702 WM, connected but timer and counters are not working when toggling HW-switch
MBMTR00003850 Func:Win7x32,WirelessManager_SMSUtility_GPSUtility_Crashes_during_S3_Resume_test
MBMTR00003934 SMS Utility crashes on startup
MBMTR00003927 WM not handling SPDI correctly in Win7
MBMTR00003833 Devgiri, Settings are occasionally changed in WM after resume from S3
MBMTR00002980 Win7, Not possible to enter unlock code to SIM lock in WM6
MBMTR00003575 Func: WM not to connected mode after resume from sleep/hibernate
MBMTR00003951 Win7 PUK unlock. WM states - Administrative privileges denied by user on first try
MBMTR00003791 Wrong profile displayed when using multiple profile SIM
MBMTR00003680 Multiple Unsaved contacts found dialog after S3
MBMTR00002746 Wn7:When toggling the Wireless Switch , WM is not returning to last known state (Connected )
MBMTR00004028 WM struck in Initialization state for corrupted profilesettings.xml file
MBMTR00003712 Cancel option is missing for auto connect dialog in WM windows startup setting
MBMTR00003958 Authentication protocol settings in WM not used by WWAN driver
MBMTR00003977 FUNC: WM branding issue during upgrade and uninstallation
MBMTR00003999 Incorrect translation in Roaming pop-up (BrazilianPortuguese)
MBMTR00004035 WM6: Descriptive text in System Info window is cut in some languages
MBMTR00004116 Func: Restart required for new Telstra profile to work
MBMTR00004120 Copy existing manual profile creates the copy with default same name
MBMTR00004123 Func; Profile Manager: Faulty debug view printout
MBMTR00003965 Func: Not possible to get contacts from second SIM if choosing to not get contacts from first SIM
MBMTR00004202 Func: WM crashes when inf-installer dell drivers are used

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Tag-uri: Dell Studio 1558 Notebook Mobile Broadband Manager Application A03 Fixes This QS4 release addresses many the issues that have been seen A02 MBMTR00002609 Possible send SMS unselected phonebook contact MBMTR00002491 Win7 GPS Utility missing information position tabMBMTR00003644 Default connection setting should preferredMBMTR00002793 Cut Copy Paste does not always work and Message field new SMSMBMTR00002816 FUNC Apply grayed out when changing Service Center NumberMBMTR00003094 Change PIN code window accepts non-numeric characters user can press buttonMBMTR00003396 Switching multiple profile SIM will create manual for every switchMBMTR00003392 Wrong displayed exchanging SIMMBMTR00002827 Func WIN7 Not possible start CustomizerMBMTR00003315 Phonebook memory status missingMBMTR00003708 DNS address connectedMBMTR00003127 MESS apply message settings applied F3607gw F3307 Delivery OEM MBMTR00003136 The change folder enable radioMBMTR00002506 Input textboxes wrong formattingMBMTR00002608 Lock input doesn get focus resume from S4MBMTR00002737 Request reply workMBMTR00003666 Statistics workingMBMTR00003688 Unsaved contacts found Dialog checkbox display again DeliveryMBMTR00003698 crash manually creating profileMBMTR00003702 connected but timer counters are working toggling HW-switchMBMTR00003850 Win7x32 WirelessManager_SMSUtility_GPSUtility_Crashes_during_S3_Resume_testMBMTR00003934 crashes startupMBMTR00003927 handling SPDI correctly Win7MBMTR00003833 Devgiri Settings occasionally changed after S3MBMTR00002980 enter unlock lock WM6MBMTR00003575 mode sleep hibernateMBMTR00003951 PUK states Administrative privileges denied first tryMBMTR00003791 using SIMMBMTR00003680 Multiple dialog S3MBMTR00002746 Wn7 When Wireless Switch returning last known state Connected MBMTR00004028 struck Initialization corrupted profilesettings xml fileMBMTR00003712 Cancel option auto connect windows startup settingMBMTR00003958 Authentication protocol used WWAN driverMBMTR00003977 branding issue during upgrade uninstallationMBMTR00003999 Incorrect translation Roaming pop-up BrazilianPortuguese MBMTR00004035 WM6 Descriptive text System Info cut some languagesMBMTR00004116 Restart required Telstra workMBMTR00004120 existing creates copy with default same nameMBMTR00004123 Profile Faulty debug view printoutMBMTR00003965 second choosing SIMMBMTR00004202 inf-installer dell drivers usedIt highly recommended use most recent driver version available forget check our site often order stay updated latest software games Try set system restore point before installing device help you installed Problems arise your hardware too old supported any longer

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