Pentax EI-200 Firmware Update v1.11 Windows OS download

Title: Pentax EI-200 Firmware Update v1.11 Windows OS download
License: Free Driver
Publisher: Pentax

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  • Date 29 Jan, 2008

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Pentax EI-200 Firmware Update v1.11 Windows OS. Before installing the new EI-200 Firmware (version 1.11), please carefully read through all the information contained below. This document contains step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade the firmware on your PENTAX EI-200 Digital Camera. This version of the firmware will improve picture quality by increasing the accuracy of color reproduction and reducing image noise. Before updating your firmware, we recommend printing this document to use as a reference. You may update the firmware on your EI-200 by downloading the updater file via the web, and following the instructions on this page. You can also send your camera to PENTAX CORPORATION to have your firmware updated. We will perform the update for free, but you will be responsible for any shipping costs to get your camera to us. Cameras compatible with this update: This software will update EI-200 cameras that have firmware versions 1.0 or 1.02 to version 1.11. To check your current firmware version, begin by turning the camera on in picture capture mode. Press the DISPLAY button to activate your LCD display. Next, press your right soft key (labeled STATUS) for current camera settings including firmware version. Note: We strongly recommend the use of the EI-200 A/C adapter when performing this update. Any power interruption during this procedure (approximately 4 minutes), such as battery depletion, may result in potential harm to your camera`s logic board, requiring service to your camera. This service will NOT be covered under the terms of your PENTAX product warranty. Please contact Customer Service at 800-877-0155 for information on ordering an A/C adapter, or if you are unclear about any information contained in this document.

Tag-uri: Pentax EI-200 Firmware Update Windows download Before installing the new version please carefully read through all information contained below This document contains step-by-step instructions how upgrade firmware your PENTAX Digital Camera will improve picture quality increasing accuracy color reproduction and reducing image noise updating recommend printing this use reference You may update downloading updater file via web following page can also send camera CORPORATION have updated perform for free but you responsible any shipping costs get Cameras compatible with software cameras that versions check current begin turning capture mode Press DISPLAY button activate LCD display Next press right soft key labeled STATUS settings including Note strongly adapter when performing Any power interruption during procedure approximately minutes such battery depletion result potential harm logic board requiring service NOT covered under terms product warranty Please contact Customer Service 800-877-0155 ordering are unclear about

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