ATI Radeon Graphics Card Omega Driver 2.6.53 Windows 2000/XP download

Title: ATI Radeon Graphics Card Omega Driver 2.6.53 Windows 2000/XP download
License: Free Driver
Publisher: ATI Technology

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  • Date 10 Apr, 2008

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ATI Radeon Graphics Card Omega Driver 2.6.53 Windows 2000/XP. Omegadrivers has released their modified Drivers of the Official ATI Catalyst 5.7 Drivers. These drivers offer exellent performance versus great image quality and are known by their great reputation. These are `optimized` drivers for the ATI Radeon family of video cards. They work with ANY RADEON VIDEO CARD built/powered by ATI, including all Mobility chipsets (M6 and up).New in Omega Drivers:Version number 2.6.53.Based on the Catalyst 5.7 official drivers.Added new installation option to load ATT at startup.Added some custom profiles at different quality settings for for ATI Tray Tools:Version number new options into Game Profiles. Direct3D9 tweaks. Using this tweaks you can override some hardware information about your video board.Added support for SMARTGART. Look in `Hardware` menu. (SMARTGART service must be installed and enabled!).-Added 5 new hotkeys for manual overclocking GPU and Memory by 1 step up or down.Added new tweaks databases Video Acceleration settings and Display Tweaks.Added Default buttons for Standard Tweaks window, Direct3D and OpenGL Tweaks.Added options to execute applications when entering 3D mode and when leaving it.Updated Shared Memory. Now FPS counter is included in global ATT Shared Memory.Improved command line support. Added command line options: /LD3D [name of profile] - load Direct3D (or 3D in Control Center mode) profile, /LDGL [name of profile] - load OpenGL profile, /LDOV [name of profile] - load Overclocking profile, /LDTV [name of profile] - load Display/TV profile, /LDGP /LOADGAME [name of profile] - load Game Profile (If ATT is already started /EXIT command line parameter has no effect), /RSTCLK - reset clocks to default values, /EXIT - Exit from ATT.Fixed bug when TV Properties Tab doesn`t visible with extended desktop mode. Now TV Options will be accessible all times, even if you don`t have TV attached to the board.Updated screenshot system. Added support for JPG/PNG file creating. Screenshot without active game always will be saved as BMP.Fixed broken support for temperature monitoring and fan control for ASUS 9800XT boards.Improved OSD rendering in situation when game clipped part of screen with ViewPort.Fixed error with hotkeys (Hide/Show FPS/FlashOSD).Updated Advanced Tweaks editor.Updated `No overclocking` mode. If you Radeon doesn`t supported by ATI Tray Tools (IGP series) you can disable all overclocking functions in atitray.ini. Set opt_disable_ovr value to 1. In this mode all modules depended on GPU and Memory clocks will be disabled. For example Overclocking, hardware monitoring, Auto 2d/3d Overclocking and so on. But you still can use all other functions!Fixed wrong OSD color calculation for some old Direct3D (D3D 7/6/5) games.Note: Since these drivers include a non-standard version of ATT, I would recommend that if you have any previous version of ATT installed, please uninstall it before installing these drivers, not doing so may cause unknown problems.

Tag-uri: ATI Radeon Graphics Card Omega Driver Windows 2000 download Omegadrivers has released their modified Drivers the Official Catalyst These drivers offer exellent performance versus great image quality and are known reputation optimized for family video cards They work with ANY RADEON VIDEO CARD built powered including all Mobility chipsets New Version number Based official Added new installation option load ATT startup some custom profiles different settings Tray Tools 720 options into Game Profiles Direct3D9 tweaks Using this you can override hardware information about your board support SMARTGART Look Hardware menu service must installed enabled -Added hotkeys manual overclocking GPU Memory step down databases Video Acceleration Display Tweaks Default buttons Standard window Direct3D OpenGL execute applications when entering mode leaving Updated Shared Now FPS counter included global Improved command line LD3D name profile Control Center LDGL LDOV Overclocking LDTV LDGP LOADGAME Profile already started EXIT parameter effect RSTCLK reset clocks default values Exit from Fixed bug Properties Tab doesn visible extended desktop Options will accessible times even don have attached screenshot system JPG PNG file creating Screenshot without active game always saved BMP broken temperature monitoring fan control ASUS 9800XT boards OSD rendering situation clipped part screen ViewPort error Hide Show FlashOSD Advanced editor supported IGP series disable functions atitray ini Set opt_disable_ovr value modules depended disabled For example Auto But still use other wrong color calculation old D3D games Note Since these include non-standard version would recommend that any previous please uninstall before installing not doing may cause unknown problems

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