E-MU PatchMix DSP Application Patch v1.81 Windows 2000/XP download

Title: E-MU PatchMix DSP Application Patch v1.81 Windows 2000/XP download
License: Free Driver
Publisher: Emu

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  • Date 15 Dec, 2008

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E-MU PatchMix DSP Application Patch v1.81 Windows 2000/XP. Before you download: This Application Package is now a Full Installer. It does not require that you had previously installed software from an original Digital Audio System CD, only that your system meets the minimum hardware requirements. Please take a moment to check the ABOUT BOX in PatchMix DSP (Right-click on the E-MU Logo right above the TV in PatchMix) to see if this patch is necessary. If the version numbers below are higher then what you see in the About Box you should proceed with the update.
Before you install: If you have experienced a fault in any audio application, you should reboot Windows before applying this update. Exit all applications before installing these updates. Installation of Application and Driver can be done in any order. This installer will automatically uninstall any older versions of software before installing new version.
E-MU PatchMix DSP version V1.81 contains the following feature enhancements and fixes:

E-MU PatchMix DSP Version V1.81 Feature Enhancements: Added Multi-channel WDM playback support for all Digital Audio Systems. (NOTE: Also requires E-MU Digital Audio System Driver Patch 1.81 or later) Added Import/Export of Core FX Presets and Multi FX Presets Added 88.2 kHz and 176.4 kHz sample rate support to E-MU 0404, 1212M, 1820 and 1820M Digital Audio Systems (NOTE: Also requires E-MU Digital Audio System Driver Patch 1.81 or later) Added `Load FX on Startup` option (when disabled, the loading of FX preset data is deferred until first launch of FX Palette.This greatly shortens PatchMix launch time on startup.) New temporary session and session saving behavior Fixes: Fixed Application crash that happens when using the `Fast User Switching` feature in Windows XP Fixed bug where PatchMix would sometimes show meter activity but no sound would be heard PatchMix will now specifically prompt an error if the user creates, deletes or renames FX categories that contain characters that are not legal in the file system.

Includes changes from V1.71 Release

Minimum System Requirements: Intel® or AMD® processor - 1 GHz or faster Intel®, AMD® or 100% compatible motherboard & chipset 256 MB System RAM 900 MB of free hard disk space for full installation XVGA Video (1024 x 768) Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP 2) or 2000 (SP4) Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 or greater E-MU® 0404, 1212M, 1616, 1616M, 1820, 1820M Digital Audio System, or Emulator® X, Emulator® X Studio Desktop Sampling System, or Proteus® X Desktop Sound Module. Application Revision History

Changes from v1.71 Release: Added 192 kHz support to E-MU 0404. (NOTE: Also requires E-MU Digital Audio System / Emulator X Desktop Sampling System / Proteus X Desktop Sound Module Driver patch 1.71 or later) Tested and verified compatibility with Windows XP Service Pack 2 Fixed Installer bug where update failed when language/region and OS language were mismatched Includes changes from V1.60 Release

Changes from V1.60 Release: E-MU PowerFX (hardware-accelerated VST effects) Factory presets for Lite Reverb plug-in and 7 delay plug-ins Bypass all inserts WDM Support at 96/192 kHz (NOTE: Also requires E-MU Digital Audio System / Emulator X Driver patch 1.60 or later) Mouse-wheel support in PatchMix DSP Added Dual Monitor Support Fixed a bug where audio is dropped when a corrupted session file is loaded Fixed a bug when dragging and inserting a soloed or bypassed effect Fixed Auto-Delay compensation in E-Wire when using Cubase SX or Nuendo Fixed a problem where PatchMix DSP could not be opened after closing it using Alt-F4 Includes changes from V1.20 Release
Changes from V1.20 Release: Fixed bug where switching between internal and external source cause PatchMix application error.

Tag-uri: E-MU PatchMix DSP Application Patch Windows 2000 download Before you This Package now Full Installer does not require that had previously installed software from original Digital Audio System only your system meets the minimum hardware requirements Please take moment check ABOUT BOX Right-click Logo right above see this patch necessary version numbers below are higher then what About Box should proceed with update install have experienced fault any audio application reboot before applying Exit all applications installing these updates Installation and Driver can done order installer will automatically uninstall older versions new contains following feature enhancements fixes Version Feature Enhancements Added Multi-channel WDM playback support for Systems NOTE Also requires later Import Export Core Presets Multi kHz 176 sample rate 0404 1212M 1820 1820M Load Startup option when disabled loading preset data deferred until first launch Palette greatly shortens time startup New temporary session saving behavior Fixes Fixed crash happens using Fast User Switching bug where would sometimes show meter activity but sound heard specifically prompt error user creates deletes renames categories contain characters legal file Includes changes Release Minimum Requirements Intel AMD processor GHz faster 100 compatible motherboard amp chipset 256 RAM 900 free hard disk space full installation XVGA Video 1024 768 Microsoft SP4 DirectX greater 1616 1616M Emulator Studio Desktop Sampling Proteus Sound Module Revision History Changes 192 Tested verified compatibility Service Pack failed language region were mismatched PowerFX hardware-accelerated VST effects Factory presets Lite Reverb plug-in delay plug-ins Bypass inserts Support Mouse-wheel Dual Monitor dropped corrupted loaded dragging inserting soloed bypassed effect Auto-Delay compensation E-Wire Cubase Nuendo problem could opened after closing Alt-F4 switching between internal external source cause

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