Tekram DC-390U/DC-390F/DC-390U2B/DC-390U2W SCSI Driver 3.23A Windows 9x/NT/Netware/DOS download

Title: Tekram DC-390U/DC-390F/DC-390U2B/DC-390U2W SCSI Driver 3.23A Windows 9x/NT/Netware/DOS download
License: Free Driver
Publisher: Tekram

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  • Date 24 Dec, 2008

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Tekram DC-390U/DC-390F/DC-390U2B/DC-390U2W SCSI Driver 3.23A Windows 9x/NT/Netware/DOS. 1. <DOS>: It contains ASPI drivers and utilities for DC-390U2B/U2W

1.1. ASPIUWF.SYS : ASPI driver for DC-390U2B/U2W
1.2. TRMDISK.SYS : ASPI driver for HDD and removable media devices
1.3. TRMCD.SYS : CD-ROM driver (add `/s2` switch, if your CD-ROM is
a SCSI-2 device)
1.4. INSTALL.EXE : This is a DOS driver installtion utility that helps
you install the device drivers for HDD, removable
media, CD-ROM, and tape by auto-updating the
1.5. UTIL.EXE : Setup utility for you to change the options for
adapter/SCSI_devices without re-booting the system
and pressing <F2> key
1.6. TFDISK.EXE : DOS compatible disk partition utility

2. <NETWARE>: It contains drivers for Netware v3.11/v3.12/SFT-III/4.x/5.x

2.1. DC390UWF.DDI: DDI driver.
2.2. DC390UWF.HAM: HAM driver.

3. <WINNT>: Contains drivers for
Windows NT v3.51/4.x in <WINNT3_51-4_x>
Windows 2000 in <WIN2000>
Windows ASPI in <WINASPI>

3.1. OEMSETUP.INF : Setup Information File
3.2. TRM390W.SYS : SCSI Driver
3.3. TXTSETUP.OEM : Setup Text File (in root directory)
3.4. DCSCSI : Text Setup Tag File (in root directory)

4. <OS2DRV>: Contains 4 files under the OS2DRV directory of this driver
diskette and is for OS/2 versions 2.0/2.1/2.11/WARP 3.0 & 4.0

4.1. TMSCSIM.EXE: Execution file for DDINSTAL
4.2. TMSCSIM.ADD: SCSI Device Driver
4.3. TMSCSIM.DDP: SCSI Device Driver Profile

5. <WIN95_98>: Contains drivers for Windows 95 & 98 & 98SE
There are two driver files under the WIN95_98 directory of the driver

5.1. TRM390W.MPD
5.2. TRM390W.INF

6. <BIOS>: It contains Flash ROM utility for BIOS upgrade. Make sure that your
BIOS ROM is a Flash ROM by checking the print `Flash ROM` on the
BIOS chip.

6.2. INT13U2.BIN : for DC-390U2B & DC-390U2W
6.3. INT13F.BIN : for DC-390U/F

Tag-uri: Tekram DC-390U DC-390F DC-390U2B DC-390U2W SCSI Driver 23A Windows Netware DOS download contains ASPI drivers and utilities for U2W1 ASPIUWF SYS driver TRMDISK HDD removable media devices1 TRMCD CD-ROM add switch your isa SCSI-2 device INSTALL EXE This installtion utility that helpsyou install the removablemedia tape auto-updating theCONFIG AUTOEXEC BAT files UTIL Setup you change options foradapter SCSI_devices without re-booting systemand pressing key1 TFDISK compatible disk partition utility2 NETWARE SFT-III DC390UWF DDI HAM WINNT Contains forWindows WINNT3_51-4_x 2000 WIN2000 WINASPI OEMSETUP INF Information File3 TRM390W Driver3 TXTSETUP OEM Text File root directory DCSCSI Tag OS2DRV under this driverdiskette versions WARP amp TMSCSIM Execution file DDINSTAL4 ADD Device Driver4 DDP Profile5 WIN95_98 98SEThere are two MPD5 INF6 BIOS Flash ROM upgrade Make sure yourBIOS checking print theBIOS chip TRMFLASH Tool6 INT13U2 BIN DC-390U2W6 INT13F

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