HP iPAQ h6340 Pocket PC ROM Update 1.11 (English Languages) download

Title: HP iPAQ h6340 Pocket PC ROM Update 1.11 (English Languages) download
License: Free Driver
Publisher: HP

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  • Date 14 Jan, 2009

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HP iPAQ h6340 Pocket PC ROM Update 1.11 (English Languages).This package contains the ROM Update Utility (RUU) and ROM image for the listed handheld models and operating systems.IMPORTANT: The RUU replaces the current ROM image and erases the partnership and all user data and user-installed programs on the handheld. It is important to read and understand the information in the Readme.txt file included with this update BEFORE installing the package.Use Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize the personal information manager (PIM) data with Microsoft Outlook on a desktop and to save a copy of user data, if any, before performing the ROM update. After completing the ROM update, establish a new ActiveSync partnership with the desktop. The handheld will be synchronized with the PIM data from Outlook. Reinstall any user-installed programs and user data, if necessary.Because of changes in the registry and system files introduced by the new ROM, the new ROM will not recognize a backup file generated using the previous ROM.Fixes:Provides GSM Firmware version 541e Update, which fixes an issue where dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) did not work with interactive voice response (IVR) systems.Provides Wireless LAN Driver build 63, which fixes the following issues: Fixes issue that occurred with tunneled transport layer security (TTLS) server certificate validation. Fixes unrecognizable characters that are displayed during login when using TTLS with MS-CHAP2. Fixes LEAP authentication to redisplay login prompt after tapping Cancel. Changes display name to `HP iPAQ Wi-Fi Wireless Adapter.` Fixes issue with TCP/IP rebinding that occurs after a suspend/resume when using AnthaVPN. Fixes issue with automatic authentication during roaming. Fixes issue with `memory leakage` when handheld is roaming. Fixes issue where handheld will not enter Sleep mode while roaming. Fixes issue where roaming fails due to an incorrect BSSID list.Bluetooth build, which fixes the following issues: Fixes inaccurate display of headset icon when a call is in progress. Fixes check for invalid device name. Fixes issue where handheld could not reconnect to remote device after a page timeout. Fixes Object push profile update so it sends all files. Updates FTP connection wizard to correct service discovery issue. Fixes issue with call waiting for incoming call handling while dialing out. Fixes issue with headset connection icon so it is correctly displayed after power cycling. Fixes audio to make it compatible with an in-car solution.Provides fixes for the following audio issues: Fixes issue where the volume becomes louder if the iPAQ Audio `default` button is tapped when a Bluetooth Headset is connected to the handheld. Fixes issue with the status in the Radio Interface Layer (RIL) driver when a Bluetooth Headset is connected. Fixes audio issue where the right channel for a headset was unavailable for playing audio and during calls.Enhancements:Provides GSM Firmware version 541e Update, which: Supports 64-KB Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards. Supports Cell Notification on Ericsson Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN).Provides Wireless LAN Driver build 63, which: Supports third-party intermediate Wireless LAN driver. Improves reception and roaming. Extends the maximum length of lightweight extensible authentication protocol (LEAP) username and password to 63 characters.Provides Bluetooth Software version, which: Improves headset compatibility. Improves headset reconnection when returning into service area. Adds support for Siemens car adapter kit. Enables pairing using 16-character PIN code. Adds a check to determine if Bluetooth stack is initialized before accepting messages from phone. Adds a user interface (UI) change to enable a connected headset to automatically disconnect before attempting to connect to a different headset when the user chooses to connect to a second headset.

Tag-uri: iPAQ h6340 Pocket ROM Update English Languages download This package contains the Utility RUU and image for listed handheld models operating systems IMPORTANT The replaces current erases partnership all user data user-installed programs important read understand information Readme txt file included with this update BEFORE installing Use Microsoft ActiveSync synchronize personal manager PIM Outlook desktop save copy any before performing After completing establish new will synchronized from Reinstall necessary Because changes registry system files introduced not recognize backup generated using previous Fixes Provides GSM Firmware version 541e which fixes issue where dual-tone multi-frequency DTMF did work interactive voice response IVR Wireless LAN Driver build following issues that occurred tunneled transport layer security TTLS server certificate validation unrecognizable characters are displayed during login when MS-CHAP2 LEAP authentication redisplay prompt after tapping Cancel Changes display name Wi-Fi Adapter TCP rebinding occurs suspend resume AnthaVPN automatic roaming memory leakage enter Sleep mode while fails due incorrect BSSID list Bluetooth 3701 inaccurate headset icon call progress check invalid device could reconnect remote page timeout Object push profile sends Updates FTP connection wizard correct service discovery waiting incoming handling dialing out correctly power cycling audio make compatible in-car solution volume becomes louder Audio default button tapped Headset connected status Radio Interface Layer RIL driver right channel was unavailable playing calls Enhancements Supports 64-KB Subscriber Identity Module SIM cards Cell Notification Ericsson Serving GPRS Support Node SGSN third-party intermediate Improves reception Extends maximum length lightweight extensible protocol username password Software compatibility reconnection returning into area Adds support Siemens car adapter kit Enables pairing 16-character PIN code determine stack initialized accepting messages phone interface change enable automatically disconnect attempting connect different chooses second

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