HP iPAQ h1940 Pocket PC ROM Update 1.10 download

Title: HP iPAQ h1940 Pocket PC ROM Update 1.10 download
License: Free Driver
Publisher: HP

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  • Date 15 Jan, 2009

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HP iPAQ h1940 Pocket PC ROM Update 1.10.This SoftPaq contains the ROM Update Utility (RUU)and ROM image for the iPAQ Pocket PC h1940 Series. The Utility replaces the current ROM image on the device with an updated version.IMPORTANT: This update utility is designed to replace the current ROM image and erase the partnership and all user data and programs on your iPAQ Pocket PC. It is important for you to read and understand the information in the Readme file included with this update.Fixes:Corrects SD Card initialization issue.Updates the BlueTooth driver to resolve Bluetooth lockup issue.Corrects iPAQ Backup shutdown after 10 seconds when a backup is scheduled.Enhancements:Connectivity: Accept header for pIE is configurable.Connectivity: Can connect with 802.1x to Windows 2003 Server with PEAP fast reconnect enabled.Connectivity: Connectivity bubble displays GPRS status correctly when connected through proxy.Connectivity: JavaScript event handler fires correctly.Connectivity: pIE correctly encodes URLs with `&lang` references.Connectivity: pIE uses cached pages when offline even for a local server.Connectivity: Improves wireless technologies.Contacts: Contacts are sorted according to the Country selected in Regional Settings.Contacts: Removes duplicate radio telephone number from Contacts List view.Feature request: Wireless Protected Access.Inbox: Clarification of location of SMS inbox.Inbox: Short messages are not duplicated.Inbox: SMS messages with alphanumeric address are parsed correctly.Instant Messenger: IM signs in.Localization: Ability to enter full IP address for DNS entry in Spanish.Localization: Able to save contacts with Far East characters in both first and last name.Localization: Can use partial Cyrillic name to find contacts.Localization: Errant character no longer inserted by Action button on KOR.Localization: KOR keyboard allows for the ¡®~¡¯ character.Settings: CHT owner info can be shown on power-on.Settings: Device properly returns to power off state after an alarm has fired.Shell: Alarms and meeting reminders use high-quality MIDI playback.Shell: Improves data integrity when file system is nearly full.Sync: Improves USB reliability.HOW TO USE:Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive. The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number above.Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to unpacking the ROM Update files to a directory (NOTE: this directory should not contain any file or folder from any previous ROM Upgrade).Establish an Activesync connection between your iPAQ Pocket PC and host PC through either the USB or Serial connection.Execute the RUU.exe file in the directory created in step 2 above to begin the upgrade process and follow the instructions displayed by the ROM Upgrade Utility.You may delete the self-extracting file downloaded in step 1 if you wish.

Tag-uri: iPAQ h1940 Pocket ROM Update download This SoftPaq contains the Utility RUU and image for Series The replaces current device with updated version IMPORTANT update utility designed replace erase partnership all user data programs your important you read understand information Readme file included this Fixes Corrects Card initialization issue Updates BlueTooth driver resolve Bluetooth lockup Backup shutdown after seconds when backup scheduled Enhancements Connectivity Accept header pIE configurable Can connect 802 Windows 2003 Server PEAP fast reconnect enabled bubble displays GPRS status correctly connected through proxy JavaScript event handler fires encodes URLs lang references uses cached pages offline even local server Improves wireless technologies Contacts are sorted according Country selected Regional Settings Removes duplicate radio telephone number from List view Feature request Wireless Protected Access Inbox Clarification location SMS inbox Short messages not duplicated alphanumeric address parsed Instant Messenger signs Localization Ability enter full DNS entry Spanish Able save contacts Far East characters both first last name use partial Cyrillic find Errant character longer inserted Action button KOR keyboard allows CHT owner info can shown power-on Device properly returns power off state alarm has fired Shell Alarms meeting reminders high-quality MIDI playback integrity system nearly Sync USB reliability HOW USE Download directory hard drive downloaded self-extracting executable filename based Number above Execute follow on-screen instructions unpacking files NOTE should contain any folder previous Upgrade Establish Activesync connection between host either Serial exe created step begin upgrade process displayed You may delete wish

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