ATI Radeon Graphics Card DNA Driver v4.1.5.7 Windows 2000/XP download

Title: ATI Radeon Graphics Card DNA Driver v4.1.5.7 Windows 2000/XP download
License: Free Driver
Publisher: ATI Technology

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  • Date 11 Apr, 2008

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ATI Radeon Graphics Card DNA Driver v4.1.5.7 Windows 2000/XP.New DNA drivers have been released. These are modified/hacked ATI Catalyst drivers, use them at your own risk. The drivers have been optimized with two things in mind, better Image Quality and more/stable frames per second when compared to the Beta Catalyst drivers from ATI.Based on the official CATALYST 5.7 release.Added the Donate To DNA-drivers Shortcut.Added the DNA-ATi Control Panel Logo Maker Shortcut.Updated Help 2 Survive installation screen.Added / Updated support for: ATI FireMV 2400 PCI, RADEON 9550, GIGABYTE RADEON X700, GIGABYTE RADEON X800 XL, Palit RADEON 9250, Palit RADEON X300, Palit RADEON X700, Palit RADEON X800, MOBILITY / RADEON 9200/9250 SERIES, ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 SERIES, RADEON X550, RADEON X800 GT, ATI MOBILITY FIRE GL T2, ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600 SERIES, ATI MOBILITY FIRE GL 7800, ATI MOBILITY RADEON, ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7500, ATI RADEON IGP 330M, ATI MOBILITY FIRE GL 9000, ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000.Done some special per card Direct3D and OpenGL. - performance tweaking for: - 8500 Series, - 9000 Series, - 9200 Series, - 9500 Series, - 9550 Series, - 9600 Series, - 9700 Series, - 9800 Series, - 9800 XT, - X300 Series, - X700 Series, - X800 Series, - X850 Series, - MOBILITY 9600 Series, - MOBILITY 9700 Series, - MOBILITY 9800 Series, - MOBILITY X600 Series, - MOBILITY X800 Series.Redone some D3D optimizations.Added the option to install the driver without the WDM drivers. - Only use this option when you are having problems installing. - the drivers normally (installation hangs on WDM installation.Fixed SoftMod installations.Updated and renewed resolutions: - Added: - 1600x1200@70Hz.Updated DNA-ATi Profile Changer to version 1.3.Fixed the Driv3r profile naming.Fixed the FarCry profile not installing properly.Fixed the Riddick Escape From Butchers bay profile not installing properly. Fixed the Counter-Strike profile not installing properly.Fixed DNA-ATi AGP Fast Writes Changer not working to version 1.1.Fixed DNA-ATi Geometry Instancing Changer not working to version 1.1.Added new DNA-ATi optimization profiles - Switch between optimization options on the fly: + GTA-sa (new Grand Theft Auto: San Anderas profile)

Tag-uri: ATI Radeon Graphics Card DNA Driver Windows 2000 download New drivers have been released These are modified hacked Catalyst use them your own risk The optimized with two things mind better Image Quality and more stable frames per second when compared the Beta from Based official CATALYST release Added Donate DNA-drivers Shortcut DNA-ATi Control Panel Logo Maker Updated Help Survive installation screen support for FireMV 2400 PCI RADEON 9550 GIGABYTE X700 X800 Palit 9250 X300 MOBILITY 9200 SERIES XPRESS 200 X550 FIRE 9600 7800 7500 IGP 330M 9000 Done some special card Direct3D OpenGL performance tweaking 8500 Series 9500 9700 9800 X850 X600 Redone D3D optimizations option install driver without WDM Only this you having problems installing normally hangs Fixed SoftMod installations renewed resolutions 1600x1200 70Hz Profile Changer version Driv3r profile naming FarCry not properly Riddick Escape From Butchers bay Counter-Strike AGP Fast Writes working Geometry Instancing new optimization profiles Switch between options fly GTA-sa Grand Theft Auto San Anderas

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